Dedicated to improving outcomes for young people in the North East
and connecting with over 3000 school leaders each year through events, training and networking

Schools North East is a Network of all schools in the North East of England

It is a movement for change giving a voice to North East schools in the national debate.

Engagement with networks is at the heart of our charity and their input drives everything that we do. Together we are the definitive, apolitical voice of North East schools, influencing the shape of regional and national policy to deliver on their vision for our young people.

The entire region is represented at termly meetings with our 45 member strong Head Teacher and CEO Advisory Board representing all types and stages of schools around the region, and this is mirrored with our School Business Management Council.

We facilitate networking around:

Policy Development
CEO support
School Business Management
Practionioner development through

Through Ednorth bring schools together in joint projects to drive evidence based excellence at the chalkface.

We support and attend regional SBM and Head Teacher networks across the region and support networks nationally where requested.

Members of our team sit on regional and national Boards and forums ensuring that the region is up to date with national policy and that the North East's voice is heard across the sector.

We are constantly looking for ways to support our networks and make communication more effective and less labour intensive.

ConnectEd, our free online community for schools in the North East. Itis a dynamic workspace that promotes communication, support and collaboration among members bringing together colleagues from across the region in subject and role specific groups.

Work smarter with ConnectEd and make the North East the most connected school community in the world.

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