Manifesto for North East Education

Schools North East is determined to ensure that education policy and its impact on the region’s children are not forgotten. In response to the 2019 general election, Schools North East created a ‘Manifesto for North East Education’ which any party wanting to take seriously the long-term, challenges of education in the North East, would have to take into account.

With input from our 1,150 member schools and key stakeholders from across the education sector, we  produced a series of key recommendations for education policy which affects the North East. These recommendations range from how policy is developed, to specific areas that need greater targeting and focus.

There is a pervasive narrative that the North East suffers an attainment gap, lagging behind in educational measures. This narrative is a myth which damages the work of our schools and the aspirations of our students. It fails to take into account the specific context of long term economic deprivation and geographical factors which affect our region.

The Manifesto is a statement of intent and the foundation of our ever stronger focus on influencing the development of education policy, as it impacts on our region.  Our recommendations will be refined and developed with our Partner Schools and key stakeholders.  Make sure you engage and influence how this develops going forward.

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